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Art of Treasure will only accept Products as Gifts that are functional and will benefit treasure hunting endeavors. All products are given in consideration of Art of Treasure giving written consent to receive the exact product in question. All products received are given as gifts. Products are not accepted in exchange for payment, coverage, content, product placement, or in place of payment. Art of Treasure will only accept products that are of relevance to the ongoing treasure hunting mission. Art of Treasure can not guarantee coverage of a product. If a product happens to be featured on social media or elsewhere by Art of Treasure, then the product will be covered in such a way that is of the sole discretion of Art of Treasure and all resulting content will remain the sole property of Art of Treasure. Media content containing a product shall only be reproduced with the prior written consent by Art of Treasure. Gifted products will be declared as such in any product reviews. Once Art of Treasure has received a product, the product becomes the property of Art of Treasure, and Art of Treasure shall be free to do with it as they see fit.

Nothing in this agreement implies or constitutes work for hire, employment, partnership, or a joint venture of any kind between any entity and Art of Treasure, Inc., Nikoline Bohr, or related social media, television, film, intellectual property, vendors, and/or partners.  

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