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Let me help you eliminate the noise! 

Today's online shopping experience is full of chatter. Let me help you eliminate the noise by sharing with you only the products I personally can get behind 100 %. each product seen here is tried and tested by me and on my list of go to equipment.

Here are my favorite metal detectors, my favorite metal detecting tools, and my favorite metal detecting accessories.


XP Deus 2

XP Deus 2 With 9 inch FMF coil


XP WS6 Headphones Deus II

Trusty Shovel

Trusty Shovel

XP Deus

XP Deus With elliptical HF Coil


Hat To keep the shade nearby

Handy Vest

Handy Vest With lots of pockets

Leather Fanny Pack

Leather Fanny Pack To carry metals found

XP 280 Backpack

XP 280 Backpack

MI6 Pinpointer

XP MI6 Pinpointer

WS6 Headphones

XP WS6 Headphones Deus 1

_SDI6529 copkjhy 2.jpg
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