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Visiting XP Metal Detectors Headquarters

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Nikoline Bohr Visits XP Metal Detectors Factory

Most people have a favorite tool. It is the tool you reach for 99% of the time knowing that with it you will be able to successfully complete the task at hand. The musician may have a favorite guitar, the painter a favorite paintbrush, and the computer programmer a favorite keyboard. My favorite tool is my XP Deus 2 metal detector. With it, I know I can recover a lost ring on the beach, discover a Roman coin in a farm field, and salvage a colonial buckle from a construction site. You know exactly how to use your favored tool but do you know how it was crafted?

If you have been following my Instagram and Facebook stories you know that I have been hopping around Europe these past few weeks on a metal detecting adventure. The first stop on my trip was Denmark, the second stop was France. This adventure took me to beautiful Toulouse where I visited the XP headquarters and toured the XP factory. I was lucky enough to witness firsthand how the XP Deus is created. It was a joy to meet the wonderful people who create this beautiful machine, learn about its complex and technical design, witness the precision with which the detector is assembled, and learn about the care that goes into quality testing every machine before they are boxed and shipped to retailers. Every component of XP metal detecting hardware is meticulously designed, produced, and assembled in France. This is done so that the expected quality can be monitored and maintained during every step of manufacturing.

checking out the Xp 280 Backpack
Checking out the various XP bags and backpacks

While at the factory I had the opportunity to test my own detector assembly skills I was presented with all the components to a pair of WSA II headphones whereafter it was suggested that I attempted to assemble them. At first glance, it appeared to be a relatively easy task. All I had to do was connects a battery to a circuit board and fit the parts inside the round headphone case. However, I quickly discovered that this was nowhere near as straightforward as it appeared! This task requires great attention to detail and exact knowledge of how the components fit in order for the headphones to properly come together. With much guidance and help, I managed to successfully assemble my new first pair of XP WSA II Headphones. As a thank you for following along on this adventure, I will be giving away this pair of headphones on July 10th, 2023. Click here and comment on this Instagram post with your favorite emoji to be entered in to the drawing.

XP WSA II Headphones
I am giving away these WSA II Metal Detecting Headphones

It was a joy to visit the factory, learn about the complex process of creating my favorite metal detectors, and meet the incredible people who dedicate their knowledge and time to crafting the coils I swing daily. Now when I look at my Deus 2 I see more than my favorite tool, I am reminded of all the smiling faces and intelligent minds who made this metal detector awesome!

Thank you to everyone at the XP Headquarters for welcoming me, demonstrating your skills, sharing your knowledge, and continuing to create the best metal detectors possible.

Nikoline Bohr visits XP Factory

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2 תגובות

22 ביוני 2023

🥰 great


21 ביוני 2023

This was awesome for you and enjoyed all your posts and videos. Your trip seemed amazing. I loved using my XP before it got stolen From my bike at a local store on Cape Cod.please keep posting you wonderful find’s Nikoline. ✌️🐳🙏

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